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Frequently asked questions

Should my baby’s head extend beyond the Petit Coulou opening?

No. Your baby is comfortably seated under the Petit Coulou cover, its own body heat creates a warm environment; the Igloo effect.

Should I cover the Petit Coulou opening with a blanket?

No, as the opening allows air to circulate.

Which Petit Coulou should I purchase for a birth in the month of…?

February Winter ou Mid-season
AugustSummer ou Mid-season
October Winter
November Winter
Décember Winter

Note : Our stroller covers are adapted to your child for approximately 3 seasons, from the moment your child is able to sit upright in a stroller.

How do I install my Petit Coulou cover?

Go to your products corresponding page. There is a video on how to install your cover.

Is the car seat supplied with the cover?

No, Petit Coulou does not sell car seats. We only offer the protection covers as well as many accessories.

Is the stroller supplied with the stroller cover?

No, Petit Coulou does not sell strollers. We only offer the protective covers as well as numerous accessories.

Up to what age can my baby be in its Petit Coulou?

You can use your cover as long as your child uses a rear facing car seat. It all depends on your baby's weight and height. Refer to your car seat owner’s manual.

Do I need to put a hat, mittens, booties and a blanket with the winter car seat cover?

The hat is highly recommended as 10% of body heat is lost through the head! As for mittens, booties and blankets, they are not required but helps to maintain your baby comfortable especially when you go for a stroller ride! But beware of overheating! It's also harmful

How should I dress my baby when under the Petit Coulou cover?

All depends on the type of activity and weather conditions Entering and exiting the car in cold weather: a cap, a warm polar pyjama or other, a mini-blanket An outing to the park in cold weather : a cap, a warm polar pyjama or other, warm slippers and mittens, a mini-blanket

Should I open the Petit Coulou cover when in the car or indoors?

It is important to always open the cover when indoors, to prevent your child from overheating while in the car seat.

When should I use the isolated backing?

The insulated backing should be used when outdoor temperatures fall below -5C, especially when outdoors.

Can I use the optional back insulation in the car?

Car manufacturers advise against using the back insulation during car trips. The back insulation is designed to protect baby during long strolls in very cold weather.
Back insulation and car

Can I wash my Petit Coulou cover?

Yes, machine wash in cold water and double rinse, to assure all soap be removed from the insulation and drip dry.

Can I machine dry my Petit Coulou cover?

Yes, but beware that the water repellent treatment is only guaranteed for 20 dryings.

What is the difference between the mid-season and winter covers?

The mid-season cover has only 1 layer of insulation and keeps your baby warm to temperatures of approximately 0°C. The winter cover has 2 layers of insulation and keeps your baby warm to temperatures of approximately -25°C

How were the degrees of temperatures established?

Our covers have undergone thermal resistance testing in laboratories recognized by Health Canada and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Does the netting on the car seat and stroller covers protect my baby from UV rays?

No, because of the small holes, the net lets in the sun's rays, the sun visor must be attached to block out UV rays.

Do the Petit Coulou covers fit all car seats?

Yes, all makes of 22 lbs as well as 32 lbs car seats. See instruction video.

Do the stroller covers fit both 3 and 4 wheel strollers?

Yes, the cover is adjusted by means of several elastic bands. See instruction video.